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Economic globalization is leading to an ever-increasing exchange of information between organizations

The Information Security Practitioner (S-ISP) certificate and title from the SECO Institute demonstrate your knowledge about information security and your ability to implement and embed information security in your organization.

This certification enables you to exhibit your knowledge about all the aspects of information security that a future security specialist will need to put information security on the map at their organization. You will be tested on the latest technologies, trends and threat mitigation techniques, so that you can demonstrate your ability to evaluate and manage the threats (DDoS attacks, website hacking, etc.) affecting your environment.


Students should have a practical understanding of information security including the organizational, human, and technology aspects. Students should be able to translate these aspects into specific situations within their enterprises and translate the concepts into their own work practices.

Required Exams

S-ISP - certification exam

The exam consists of 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the World of Information Security
  • Module 2: Organizational Aspects of Information Security
  • Module 3: Human Aspects of Information Security
  • Module 4: Technological Aspects of Information Security

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