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Training Locations

Find a training center near you

Global Knowledge offers six specialized locations with dedicated staff and standardized equipment designed to optimize your Classroom Live face-to-face learning experience. Each site is hyperlinked with address information, hours, amenities and available courses.

To make quality in-person training more accessible nationwide, we’ve also partnered with industry-leading learning providers at centers across the United States. To find out more about these sites call (866) 716-6688.

Global Knowledge training center A Global Knowledge-run training center. All others are partner-operated.

Find your course

Easily filter through our large selection of Classroom Live courses by date range, locations, brands and topics to find your course.

Learn anywhere online

Turn any destination into a training center. Learn more about our online delivery formats: Virtual Classroom Live and On-Demand.

Request a location

Can’t find your location? Bring Global Knowledge training to the location of your choice by using our By Request service.