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Training Programs for Successful Missions

Up to 74% of federal executives say innovation has never been more important.1 Modernizing IT infrastructure has been an ongoing mission for the federal government, but now with cyber threats from abroad and increased need for cloud solutions, public sector workers must train and certified in areas that will support successful missions:

  • Cybersecurity, DevOps, ITIL
  • Application management, cloud adoption
  • AWS, Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, (ISC)2

…Among others.

Our government teams have devoted 20+ years to serving the federal government, so they have the experience to help design and build training programs in support of your high-priority missions.

They understand procurement and contract processing, purchasing through business and integration partners, and more to help federal workers receive top-tier training in a cost-effective way. (See our Exclusive Government Pricing here.)

Why Train With Global Knowledge?

Federal employees find our instructors among the highest quality, and procurement specialists enjoy a streamlined process to secure training with help from specialized public sector teams.

Contact a government account executive at Global Knowledge today.

Call us today +1 (877) 333-8326 or contact us online.

[The Global Knowledge instructor], a former military officer experienced in teaching in unique military environments, flew halfway around the world and was airlifted, along with the course lab equipment, to a U.S. Navy ship.

Customized DoD Directive 8570.01 Solution Increases US Air Force Compliance Worldwide

Case Study

Targeted Training Program Enables Network-centric Operations for Elite Military Team

Case Study

The Benefits of Training with an Industry Leader


Modernize IT Infrastructure by Upskilling Personnel

Through training, federal IT and operations personnel will gain the knowledge and skills to solve their most pressing challenges:

  • Outdated Systems
  • IT Security
  • Driving Change
  • Expanded job roles
  • Cloud adoption
  • Skills Gaps


Our team includes former military personnel, public sector employees, and experienced Federal sales professionals who know first-hand the challenges you face and how training can provide solutions. They work closely with procurement, IT and operations personnel to onboard, train and drive career development, ensuring they succeed in their missions.

Contact a government account executive today.


The Positive Impacts of Training: Higher Productivity, Faster Outcomes, Improved Morale and Retention

Training and career development lead to faster response and resolution times, higher productivity, and more engaged professionals, according to our research.

By closing skills gaps and investing in people, the federal government will see the outcomes it strives for:

  • Better data management and utilization
  • Improved digital experiences for citizens
  • Tighter security standards, and more.


Trusting us as a training partner will help lead personnel toward more successful missions.

  • Global Knowledge helped me meet my military training requirements as an Air Force network engineer and prepare for my new job role in the civilian environment. They'll always be my training provider of choice.
    Don Houpt (U.S. Air Force - Retired) - Sr. Network Engineer , Apptis, Inc.

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