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Microsoft Data and AI Webinar Series

Live Webinar | Dec 5 2023 and Dec 14 2023
11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CET

Join us for a dynamic two-part webinar series where we delve into cutting-edge technologies that empower your data-driven journey. In the first session, we'll unravel the robust features of Azure Machine Learning, demonstrating its prowess in facilitating the seamless development, deployment, and management of machine learning models on a scalable platform. In the second webinar, immerse yourself in the world of Microsoft Power BI as we guide you through transforming raw data into captivating visualizations and actionable insights.

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Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access Cloud (SASE)

Live Webinar | Dec 12 2023
11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CET

Join our webinar with Ryan Sharpston, a Palo Alto Networks expert, for insights into Prisma Access Cloud and Skillsoft Global Knowledge SASE courses. Learn how to connect corporate locations and resources to remote users securely. Ideal for IT admins and decision-makers seeking modern network and security solutions.

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Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Cisco solutions

Live Webinar | Jan 11 2024
11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CET

Join us for this informative session where we’ll will cover the function and value of SDN has on efficiency, automation and security within data networks. We will focus on Cisco solutions in the Data Center, WAN and Campus.

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AWS Discovery Days

If you're interested in cloud-based solutions from Amazon Web Services, join a free AWS Discovery Days event to learn more. Led by knowledgeable AWS experts, these interactive online sessions provide participants with a comprehensive grasp of the AWS Cloud. Whether you're looking to establish a solid foundation in cloud computing or delve into specific technical aspects, these events are for you. Our AWS Discovery Day events are offered worldwide across multiple languages and time zones.

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Microsoft Fundamental Days

Join our free Microsoft Fundamental Days and broaden your IT career opportunities with Microsoft Certifications. Validate your expertise and proficiency in utilizing Microsoft technologies to excel in various roles. In an era where digital transformation greatly influences business operations, undergoing training and earning certifications can help you secure a highly sought-after technical position. Our Microsoft Fundamental Days are run worldwide across multiple languages and time zones.

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