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For new employees it can take time to adapt to the corporate culture and learn the skills and protocols required for their job. Work with Global Knowledge solution consultants to transform your organization's new hire experience and trim the lag time between an employee's first day and their contribution to a team.

Global Knowledge, a recognized leader in the learning industry, has a proven track record of building effective onboarding programs for sales, helpdesks, IT departments and leadership teams worldwide. Our onboarding programs can lead to improved employee retention and increased productivity.


  • New employees assimilate and contribute faster
  • A report with well-defined job roles and needed core competencies
  • Procedures and resources for implementation
  • Improve employee retention and engagement
  • Customer follow-up and support

What We Offer


A report outlining job-specific learning objectives, customized training curriculum and new hire measures for success.

Custom Portal

An internal online site with easy-to-find onboarding resources and information, such as orientation dates, training materials, company forms and frequently asked questions.

Learning Aids

On-Demand modules and assessments, manuals, reference guides, tip sheets and formal activities.


Expert help with learning techniques and ongoing support for implementation.

Internal Marketing Plan

Tailored content and messaging for company newsletters, in-house emails and other communications.

Workforce Solutions

Our experts can take you through every stage of the transformation process from identifying employee onboarding challenges and opportunities to implementing a learning solution. From real-time virtual classes to on-site private group training, Global Knowledge can provide a variety of classes, courses and other learning options in the delivery format that fits your needs and schedule.

Case Studies

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To learn more about our onboarding services and how you can start transforming your organization, call us at 888-422-8149.