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Core Competency Development

Make Smarter Hiring Decisions

Too often individuals are hired based on job descriptions that have little to do with the work they end up doing. Having well-defined core competencies can help managers hire the right candidates, better forecast training needs and provide more effective feedback during annual reviews.

Global Knowledge consultants can work with your company to analyze, identify and implement the job-specific skill levels employees need to enable your organization to effectively meet the demands a changing marketplace.


Improve employee retention
Attract a better qualified candidate pool
Efficiently use training dollars for targeted knowledge and skill needs
Create a clear career and promotion path for personnel

What We Do


Our consultants go on-site for multiple days to conduct one-on-one interviews with stakeholders and facilitate focus groups in order to understand the corporate culture and job role requirements. Experts will also review current documentation and give recommendations for core competency development improvement.

Develop Core Competencies Model

Our experts can work with your company to create an effective essential skill level model that is specific and measurable. Each competency is clearly defined and easily understood, and employees and managers can measure knowledge and abilities against an established standard. Job skills can range from technical skills to innovation, leadership and teamwork.

Program Implementation Plan

Global Knowledge can partner with you to support the internal marketing and organizational change effort associated with rolling out the competency models. We often assist with management training, develop self-assessment tools for skills gap analysis and create role-based learning plans.

Ongoing Support

We'll regularly check in with you to see if we can provide any support, answer any questions, or just to see how your success is shaping up. As each role grows, your onboarding program requirements will also grow.

An Added Value

Workforce Solutions

Our experts can take you through every stage of the transformation process from identifying employee core competency development challenges and opportunities to implementing a custom learning solution. From real-time virtual classes to on-site private group training, Global Knowledge can provide a variety of courses, classes and other learning options in the delivery format that fits your needs and schedule.

Contact Your Account Manager

To learn more about our core competency development services and how you can start transforming your organization, call us at 888-422-8149.