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Resources at your fingertips for on demand learning

Being a repeat winner of the IBM Choice Award for Global Training Provider of the year means we’re committed to the worldwide dissemination and delivery of critical skills to the IBM market.

We understand that learning shouldn’t stop after you complete your training, so we’ve built this hub to assist you as you continue to build upon and expand your skill set. Below you’ll find numerous resources which have been created by experts, aggregated by content type, and tailored for relevancy to empower you to leverage your on-the-job learning.

Blog Articles

These timely, informal articles will keep you up-to-date on the latest technical, professional and leadership trends, issues and tips. 

Webinars and Videos

Industry experts sharing market insights, knowledge, tips and trends — through recorded webinars and instructional videos.

IBM Cloud TechTalks (Part 1 of 4): Building a Power Cloud for Your Administrators

Discover how PowerVC is used to automate rapid provisioning/deprovisioning, as well as manage LPARs on Power Systems and more.

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IBM Cloud TechTalks (Part 2 of 4): Up, Up & Away: Storage in the Cloud

Watch as an IBM Distinguished Engineer discusses delivering storage in a private cloud, the dynamics of storage growth in the cloud industry and more.

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IBM Cloud TechTalks (Part 3 of 4): Taking Your Power System Higher in the Cloud

Gain insight on the details and features of the new cloud solution from IBM and VMware.

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IBM Cloud TechTalks (Part 4 of 4): Maximizing Business Agility with Cloud on a z System

Learn how z Systems are used to manage an on-premise cloud environment as well as connect to external cloud and mobile workloads.

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Protect Software Applications with IBM Security AppScan

Discover the benefits of using automated solutions to detect application vulnerabilities, provide steps to remediate them and avoid costly compliance violations.

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What “Good Cyber Resilience” Is and How to Get There

Learn what "good cyber resilience" looks like and how you get there using the framework laid out by the RESILIA Cyber Resilience program.

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White Papers and Job Aids

Written by our expert instructors and industry partners, our white papers are informative and relevant, providing in-depth information on key focal areas.

Free Web-Based Training (WBT)

On-demand, short courses designed to give you the concepts you desire at your own pace and schedule. With expert instruction and 30 days to progress through the material, these course put learning on-demand.