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IBM Cloud TechTalks (Part 4 of 4): Maximizing Business Agility with Cloud on a z System

Nov. 12, 2015
61m 12s

Cloud can be described as the ability for users to provision new environments and/or services in a self-service fashion backed by automation. z Systems use technologies that best allow us to apply the strengths of our platform to cloud methodologies while complying with industry standards and preserving the security and manageability of our platform. This enables us to use the strengths of z Systems scalable multitenant architecture for on-premise cloud deployments.

z Systems can also expose valuable enterprise services in a secure manner that feels native to mobile and Web application developers, enabling organizations to use enterprise services on z Systems with a frictionless experience for distributed developers.

Mark Figley

Mark Figley is IBM Systems group strategy and offerings lead for cloud on z Systems.


Join us for this free webinar to hear Mark Figley, strategy and offering lead for cloud on z, share IBM's System z products as they relate to cloud.

  • The dynamics of how to use z Systems to manage an on-premise cloud environment.
  • How z Systems can be used to connect to external cloud and mobile workloads.