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IBM Cloud TechTalks (Part 2 of 4): Up, Up & Away: Storage in the Cloud

July 23, 2015
60m 24s

The four-part Cloud TechTalks series shares practical insights and best practices for using the cloud. With exponential growth and unparalleled demand, there are few areas with greater opportunity than storage in the cloud.

Join us for this complimentary, hour-long webinar to hear Susan Schreitmueller, IBM distinguished engineer and senior cloud advisor, share IBM's cloud storage solutions. Along with exploring trends and directions around IBM's roadmap for storage in the cloud, Schreitmueller will review Cloud Managed Services and SoftLayer options, as well as software-defined storage and IBM's suite of products.

Susan Schreitmueller

Susan Schreitmueller is an IBM distinguished engineer and senior cloud advisor with experience in storage and servers and a focus on systems administration, performance and high availability, which has equipped her well for her current IBM Cloud role. Susan has always been client-facing, supporting IBM customers across the globe, and is supremely invested in providing the best possible client experience.


  • Delivering storage in a private cloud.
  • IBM's cloud products.
  • Dynamics of storage growth in the cloud industry.