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Case Study

Targeted Training Program Enables Network-Centric Operations for Elite Military Team


Elite Military Team

Following years of military escalation in the Middle East, concern mounted in Washington D.C. as to the readiness of the US military to adequately respond to military threats. In response to such concern, an Elite Military Team was activated. The team's responsibilities include defense, unconventional warfare, reconnaissance, direct action, and counterterrorism.


Deploy Advanced Networking Systems in the Battlefield

From a Black Hawk helicopter the members of the Elite Military Team set down in remote battlefields. Just before the final soldier disembarks the helicopter, he throws a TACLAN (tactical local area network) to the ground. The TACLAN contains critical battlefield information, enabling soldiers to retrieve up-to-the-minute information on the status of the battles and their mission-critical commands. The information is transmitted to the TACLAN through a satellite dish, supported in the box by a cluster of servers, routers, switches, and firewalls.

Before the Elite Military Team deployed such an advanced communications system, it recognized the need for its forces to not only become experts in combat, but also experts in technology as well. While technology represents a critical component to the Elite Military Team's operations, efficiently instructing its forces on its deployment without weakening its military training regimens was a challenge. It was critical that their people be trained and proficient in setting up and maintaining the TACLAN equipment so the TACLANs can be quickly deployed in the battlefield, when time is of the essence and people's lives are at stake.


Targeted Program of Instruction

We worked to develop a program targeted around TACLAN to efficiently train the personnel assigned to the TACLAN suites. The program included new equipment training (provided by the TACLAN vendor) as well as Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) training that was provided by us.

Our training program included award-winning content and expert instructors who brought real-world experience to the classroom with live hands-on labs to reflect actual network environments. Working with the Elite Military Team, we designed intensive training programs that enabled the Special Forces to quickly build the requisite skills for deploying the TACLANs without disrupting its standard military operations.


Net-Centric Operations in the Battlefield

The program continues to evolve today. More than 400 systems administrators have attended our Elite Military Team TACLAN training. The soldiers are provided with mission-critical skills that enable them to successfully deploy the TACLANs in the battlefield, improve communications and collaboration, enhance their speed of command, and bolster their ability to provide the highest level of security to the troops in the battlefield. We are continuously working with the client to add additional training to meet the demands of ever evolving technologies.