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Air Force COOL

Take Your Performance to New Heights

Use your Air Force (AF) COOL funding to purchase the latest IT and business training from Global Knowledge. It’s a great way for you to build the knowledge and skills you need to increase your current job role performance as well as transition into the civilian workforce. We offer more than 2,200 courses to help airmen gain the latest industry recognized skills and certifications.

The AF Cool is a Total Force enlisted program. It includes all enlisted AFSCs for active duty, AFRES, and ANG. Funding will be provided for ADAF, AFRES, and ANG members on Title 10 or Tile 32 (502F) active duty order. AFRES and ANG members not on Title 10 order may receive payment from their respective components. Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4500 per lifetime per airman. 

Speak with your direct supervisor to determine if you qualify for funding.


Speak with Your Global Knowledge Federal Account Manager
Your dedicated account manager is ready to help you enroll in training utilizing your AF COOL funds as well as answer any questions you may have.

Kevin Treadwell
Account Executive
P: (919) 980-6801

Lara Geiger
Customer Success Manager
P: (919) 469-7019

Contact Air Force COOL Program Office
P: (334) 649-5115