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Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications (M10958)

Develop web applications using Microsoft WebMatrix 2.

GK# 6456 Vendor# M10958

Course Overview


In this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to develop web applications using WebMatrix 2 and how to transition from Web Matrix 2 to Visual Studio. This course introduces you to the Microsoft web stack and shows you how to use WebMatrix 2 to develop web applications. You will gain a better understanding of basic web development concepts and how to use existing applications from the Application Gallery. You will learn CSS, plug-ins, scripting, basic data access, and application hosting. You will also learn how to use Windows Azure for application hosting and how to move beyond WebMatrix 2 into Visual Studio.

This course incorporates materials from Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications (MS-10958).


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What You'll Learn

  • Components of Microsoft web technologies that developers can use to host websites, host data, run code, and develop code
  • Web site development, including the planning, development, testing, iteration, and release phases and how to use WebMatrix 2 in each phase
  • Create a web site by using WebMatrix 2 and add dynamic web pages to enable user interaction
  • Store data in a database and display it on a WebMatrix 2 site to create a dynamic web application
  • Integrate images, audio files, video files, and other media into a web application for different browsers
  • Apply a consistent visual style and user-friendly navigation hierarchy to a website
  • Locations for hosting a production web site and deploy a completed web site to a chosen hosting provider
  • Common sources of web site errors and use WebMatrix 2 tools and coding techniques to diagnose problems and correct code
  • Integrate information supplied from web services, data feeds, RESTful services, and other sources into a web application
  • Browse the packages available in the NuGet tool, select a package, add it to a web application, and write code that uses the features of the package
  • Ensure web site is secure and identify users before granting them access to sensitive content
  • Use client-side coding techniques to accelerate responses to users and reduce network traffic for a web site
  • Analyze user traffic on a public web site and optimize the site to appear close to the top of search engine results
  • Create a fully functional website by beginning an application from the WebMatrix 2 application gallery and adding features to meet unusual or unique customer requirements
  • Features of Visual Studio and ASP.NET Web Forms that enable developers to create more powerful web applications

Who Should Attend


Web developers with some knowledge of HTML, who work primarily with static web pages and in-line formatting.

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This course comes with 12 months access to the following benefits:

  • Practice Labs
  • 24x7 Mentoring
  • Indexed Class Recordings
  • Unlimited Course Retakes
  • Digital courseware
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