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Certificate of Completion – Level 1 in IT Project Management

The program of study provides an introduction to IT project management and is appropriate for anyone who needs a basic working knowledge of the subject.

To earn the Certificate of Completion – Level 1 in IT Project Management, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete three courses within two years.
  • Pass the final test at the end of each course with a minimum grade of 70%
  • Attend at least 90% of class time.

Required Exams

The following courses help you prepare for this certification.

Start by taking the following introductory Project Management course:


Then take one of the following Project Management Core courses:


Finally, take one course from either the Project Management Core courses listing above or the Project Management Electives listing below:


BA Core Courses (limit one)


NOTE: Vendor Management must be taken after February 1, 2015 to be applicable towards the Certificate.


Upon successful completion of the required courses and depending on which location you took your training, you will be awarded one of the following:

Next Steps

Transfer of credits to another Certificate of Completion – Level 1 or new Certificate of Completion – Level 2:

  • Students wishing to complete the Certificate of Completion – Level 1 in another product line may apply one course toward the second Certificate of Completion – Level 1.
  • Students wishing to complete the Certificate of Completion – Level 2 in another product line may apply two courses toward the Advanced Certificate.