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We help government deliver what the citizenry expects

Federally and provincially, today’s Public Service is facing demands unprecedented in Canadian history. In a world of Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, taxpayers have come to expect excellent customer service at every turn. And now, governments must deliver.

Delivering excellent government programs and services depends on making ambitious improvements in government technology. Ensuring the success of those technology initiatives starts with training — not as an afterthought, but from the earliest stages of planning.

That’s where Global Knowledge can help. We have provided hundreds of thousands of training hours to government staff at all levels from coast to coast. We understand the requirements of government learners and projects, and we know how to align our services with the priorities of your government business. With our experience and our specialized public-service account teams, you can be sure of getting the quality learning you need.

How Global Knowledge is different

We're experts in government training, yes. But we also offer the uncompromising depth of service you won't find anywhere else. Our courses run right across Canada, in every province and territory. We assign you dedicated account teams with years of government experience. And we provide a range of learning options to meet every need — from off-the-shelf courses to private and customized sessions — delivered in the modality of your choice.

Our public schedule offers more than a thousand off-the-shelf courses, with the largest guaranteed-to-run schedule in Canada. For more complex needs, we can design a full learning pathway that is aligned to your departmental or project requirement. It is often advisable to start with our full suite of learning services, including needs assessments, learning strategy development and learning consulting.

To facilitate your purchase, Global Knowledge is a recipient of the Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement for the provision of commercially available training to all federal government employees.

These are challenging times in government, and they demand the training expertise available only from Global Knowledge.