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IT Training Courses

IT training Courses and skills transformation

Whether you or your team need to solve an immediate problem, earn a certification, fast-track your skills on a new technology or need an in-depth skills transformation, our training curricula has over 3,200 global courses to meet your IT and organizational needs.


What Sets Skillsoft Global Knowledge IT Online Courses Apart

Our subject matter experts deliver authorized and industry-leading content through multiple delivery formats—classroom, virtual classroom and on-demand. Our experience and expertise enables us to develop truly effective learning paths that boost skill profiles while improving performance. With a vast range of IT courses available, Skillsoft Global Knowledge helps put employees on the path to valuable certifications. To fill skill gaps, you need scalable resources and tools. That’s what we provide.


IT Training Courses FAQs


What are the topics covered in your IT training courses?

Our comprehensive IT certification training prep spans a wide range of essential fields. From cutting-edge technologies like 5G and Artificial Intelligence to the strategies of Agile and Scrum methodologies, we ensure our learners are at the forefront of technological innovation.

Our IT certification courses on Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity address the pressing needs of businesses to securely transition and operate in the digital realm. At the same time, offerings in Business Analysis and IT Service Management enable IT professionals to bridge the gap between technology solutions and business objectives.

Training in Managing Remote Teams equips professionals to navigate the challenges of dispersed work environments. Meanwhile, our Application Development and DevOps courses facilitate efficient software lifecycle management. For those focused on organizational strategy, our programs on Enterprise Architecture and IT Policy and Governance provide a robust foundation.

Global Knowledge's expansive curriculum ensures that IT professionals get the skills they need to succeed, highlighting the true value of IT training.


Which partner brands are associated with your IT training courses?

We partner with top brands in the IT industry, enhancing the credibility and scope of our IT training programs. Our esteemed roster of partner brands includes several tech giants, such as:

  • Apple
  • AWS
  • Dell
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Red Hat®
  • And more

Collaborating with these partner brands ensures that our course content is theoretically sound and aligns seamlessly with real-world applications and industry standards.

Learning from a partner-branded course ensures that the students receive information endorsed by top industry players, enhancing its relevance in practical scenarios.

Many of these brands have their own certifications, and undergoing training aligned with their guidelines increases the likelihood of success. Also, as these brands often lead the industry in innovation, our course content is always updated, reflecting the latest best practices and technology.


How do I choose the right IT training course for my career goals?

Choosing the right IT training courses online is pivotal to aligning your educational pursuits with your career aspirations. Here are some tips to help you navigate this decision-making process:

  • Keep in mind your skills: Understand your current skills, interests, and long-term career goals.
  • Research roles: Research the IT roles that are currently in demand. For instance, with the rise of cloud technologies, roles related to AWS or Google Cloud may be more lucrative.
  • Consider value: Some IT positions prioritize certain certifications. If your goal is a specific role, check if there are preferred or mandatory certifications and then opt for the relevant training.
  • Review course syllabus: Before enrolling, closely examine the course syllabus and IT training tools required. Does it cover the topics you need? Is it up-to-date with the latest industry developments?
  • Know your budget: While investing in your education is crucial, ensure the course offers value for its cost. Look for training providers offering scholarships, payment plans, or other discounts.


What is the cost of IT training courses, and are there any financial aid options available?

Understanding IT training course costs involves considering various factors that impact the price. Training costs can differ due to the course type, duration, content depth, and required materials. For example, an introductory course on a common topic might cost less than an extensive, specialized training program.

Global Knowledge strives to make education both accessible and affordable. We offer special pricing for some courses through the General Services Administration (GSA). There are also account-based pricing options.

Additionally, certain courses may be eligible for financial aid. For questions about costs, financial aid, or special offers, contact us.

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