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A Complete Guide for How Government Agencies Can Buy Training

Sep. 19, 2018

A diversified approach for governments to buy training

This guide will help professionals employee by government agencies understand the key ways to purchase training. You will learn about purchasing training with vendors credits, the benefits of prepay plans, tuition reimbursements opportunities, special offers, different delivery formats and how to make smart course selections.

By knowing all the ways to buy training, you become more strategic with your budget and might discover overlooked opportunities. More importantly, your savviness makes you more resilient when you need to overcome roadblocks such as budget cuts that in the past would have forced you to utter the phrase, “We don’t have the budget.”


Table of Contents

  • Government procurement options
    • Contract vehicles
    • Government-specific savings programs
    • Tuition assistance / Reimbursement programs
  • Training credits
    • Cisco Learning Credits
    • Citrix Training Pass Vouchers
    • Juniper Training Credits
    • Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers
    • VMware Training Credits
  • Training credits vs. Training provider prepay plans
  • Training discounts
  • Types of course delivery formats
  • How to make smart course selections
  • Popular training courses
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