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Why Pentesting is Vital to the Modern DoD Workforce

Feb. 26, 2019
57m 33s

Watch this recorded webinar as CompTIA’s chief technology evangelist and Global Knowledge’s federal sales director discuss how pentesting has morphed.


Dr. James Stanger - CompTIA’S Chief Technology Evangelist

Dr. Stanger is a respected authority in security, open source, network administration, and IT certification. He has consulted with corporations, governments and learning institutions worldwide for over 20 years. He has developed IT-based education and certification programs used around the world.


Mike Tanner - Global Knowledge Director, Federal Sales

Mr. Tanner serves as the Global Knowledge Federal Sales Director. He is responsible for delivering the latest technology training solutions to US Government agencies to help them achieve mission success. Mr. Tanner has over 30 years of experience in organizational management, solutions sales, development of strategic alliances, technical and business consulting and program management. Prior to joining Global Knowledge he served in leadership positions at Hitachi, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Tandem Computers and Honeywell. 

As more DoD weapon and mission support systems become software dependent and networked, government agencies are being increasingly exposed to severe cybersecurity vulnerabilities. This webinar will help DoD agencies and systems integrators, who support them, understand how pentesting can help secure next-generation weapons and mission support systems.

We’ve been conducting pen tests for decades, but with the technology evolution we’ve seen radical changes in today’s networks, including ubiquitous encryption, the death of the traditional network perimeter, and the advent of new endpoint devices, including a myriad of IoT devices.

Join our webinar as CompTIA’s chief technology evangelist and Global Knowledge’s federal sales director discuss how pentesting has morphed. You’ll learn the relevant skills that a pen tester should have today, how organizations use a pen tester, and how to usefully “digest” information gained from a pen test.   

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How the IT environment has changed radically in the last five years
  • Penetesting challenges DoD agencies face today
  • Responsible pen testing and the hacker lifecycle: Why does the pen tester even exist?
  • Understanding the “hacker’s dilemma”
  • The “hacker’s dilemma” and the hacker lifecycle: Mapping IoCs to steps in the hacker process
  • Responsible pentesting: A demo


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