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Sharpen Your Skills with Python for Cisco Networking Engineers

June 14, 2018
Chris Hanes

Take charge of your Cisco network devices with Python programming

As a network engineer, you might wonder why there’s any need for you to learn Python. After all, network automation is clearly where the industry is headed. And there are many tools that allow you to run your network without writing any code. What’s more, if you ever do need to code something directly, you probably have software developers on staff to take care of that.  


But here’s the thing: The increasing complexity of Cisco networks brings with it a need to automate configuration and operational tasks. And the better you understand the inner workings of Python, the more skilled and confident you’ll be as a network engineer. That’s why we’re so excited about this new course:

• Python Programming for Cisco Networking Engineers

This course provides a comprehensive Python programming experience for Cisco networking professionals. With a focus entirely on the Python programming language, you’ll learn to write, edit, modify and expand complex Python scripts to utilize APIs and data models. With those new skills, you’ll have the ability to automate Cisco networking tasks throughout the enterprise. 

The course covers the must-have knowledge for Cisco networking engineers:

• Writing and testing several functional Python scripts

• Writing, editing, modifying and expanding complex Python scripts to utilize APIs and data models

• Using the following APIs to automate configuration and management of Cisco networking devices:

o Paramiko






• Using the YANG and MIT data models to read and manage objects to automate configuration and management of Cisco networking devices

• Using the following DevOps/learning tools to enable efficient use of APIs and data models and effectively create Python scripts:

o Postman

o IDEs for both Windows and Linux (Notepad++, Sublime, PyCharm, Microsoft Visual Studio, Anaconda, Linux VI Editor)

o Lint tools for XML and JSON

o Visore for Cisco Data Center

o API Inspector for Cisco ACI

o YANG Validator

• Automating configuration of multiple Cisco devices

The course is ideal for any engineer who implements software-based technologies or configures/manages network devices in a Cisco enterprise. Simply put, it’s designed to increase your confidence and mastery as a Cisco network engineer. 

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