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Python Programming for Cisco Networking Engineers

Learn how to configure and manage Cisco network devices using Python programming.

GK# 7254

Course Overview

This course includes Cisco Training Exclusives

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Using hands-on lab-based learning, this course takes you all the way from the basics of Python programming to the specific skills and tools needed to manage network devices en masse using programming and reduces implementation time for software-based technologies in a Cisco enterprise.

The course provides a comprehensive Python programming experience for Cisco networking professionals to automate and manage across the entire Cisco networking product line. With a focus on the Python programming language, you will learn to write, edit, modify, and expand complex Python scripts to utilize APIs and data models to effectively automate Cisco networking tasks throughout the enterprise. This will enable you to create and implement Python programming to automate configuration and operational needs in a Cisco enterprise.


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What You'll Learn

  • Write and test several functional Python scripts.
  • Write, edit, modify, and expand complex Python scripts to utilize APIs and data models.
  • Use the following APIs to automate configuration and management of Cisco networking devices:
    • Paramiko
    • REST
    • XML
    • JSON
  • Use the YANG and MIT data models to read and manage objects to automate configuration and management of Cisco networking devices.
  • Use the following DevOps / learning tools to enable efficient use of APIs and data models and effectively create Python scripts:
    • Postman
    • IDEs for both Windows and Linux
      • Notepad++
      • Sublime
      • PyCharm
      • Microsoft Visual Studio
      • Anaconda
      • Linux VI Editor
    • Lint tools for XML and JSON
    • Visore for Cisco Data Center
    • API Inspector for Cisco ACI
    • YANG Validator
  • Automate configuration of multiple Cisco devices.


Viewing outline for:

Classroom Live Outline

  • Introduction
  • Fundamental Python programming
  • Python data structure
  • Using Python to read from and write to a file
  • Python loops and conditional code
  • GitHub
  • Programming Python Functions
  • Python Libraries, Packages, and Modules
  • Integrated Development Environments
  • Python code analysis and error handling
  • Cisco-supported APIs and automation protocols
  • Cisco ASA REST API
  • Cisco Nexus NX-OS APIs
  • YANG data model
  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure
  • Cisco ACI whitelists
  • Extracting XML and JSON from the Cisco ACI
  • Modifying the ACI policy with Postman and Python
  • The Cisco ACI Visore tool
  • Cisco UCS topology
  • Configuring UCS with Python


Viewing labs for:

Classroom Live Labs

  1. Practice the effects of fundamental Python commands
  2. Program Python data structure
  3. Create Python scripts to interact with files
  4. Write scripts to demonstrate Python loops and conditional code
  5. Create a Python script
  6. Share files using Git and GitHub
  7. Write Python Functions
  8. Write Python code of Modules and Packages
  9. Implement Python code in IDEs
  10. Debug and test Python code
  11. Create, execute, and validate a Python script with an IDE
  12. Explore and validate automation protocols
  13. Perform a configuration change on an IOS XE device with the RESTCONF API
  14. Perform a configuration change on an IOS XE device with the NETCONF API
  15. Perform a configuration change on an ASA device with the REST API
  16. Perform a configuration change on a Nexus NX-OS device using APIs
  17. Troubleshoot existing Python scripts with an IDE
  18. Analyze YANG files with the online YANG validator tool
  19. Perform an ACI fabric discovery
  20. Manually configure a Cisco ACI whitelist
  21. Extract XML and JSON from the Cisco ACI
  22. Utilize the API inspector and Postman to create Python scripts
  23. Use the Cisco ACI Visore tool
  24. Create a Python script to modify an ACI fabric
  25. Manually configure Cisco UCS
  26. Configure UCS with Python
  27. Create a Python script to modify a UCS configuration



Knowledge of Cisco networking devices is required.
Knowledge of ACI is useful but not a prerequisite.
Knowledge of programming or Python is NOT required.

Who Should Attend


Engineers who implement software-based technologies in a Cisco enterprise or configure/manage network devices.

Vendor Credits


This course can be purchased with Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs).

Follow-On Courses

Training Exclusives

Classroom and Virtual Classroom sessions of this course include access to the following benefits:

  • IT Skills Video On-Demand Library (over 40,000 titles)
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity digital learning course
  • Course Recordings
  • IT Resource Library
  • Digital courseware
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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Classroom Live

Receive face-to-face instruction at one of our training center locations.

Duration: 5 day

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 5 day

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