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Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce: Ai-Infused Skills

April 16, 2024
Global Knowledge

AI has become a leading revolutionary force, transforming how employees and organizations drive progress and secure a strategic edge.

As revealed in our annual IT Skills and Salary Report, technological advancement remains paramount, with IT decision-makers identifying AI and Machine Learning as their top focus areas. However, 43% rate their teams’ expertise in these domains as low, underscoring a significant skills gap and emphasizing the need for future-ready competencies.

To stay ahead in today’s dynamic landscape, employees must acquire vital AI skills and knowledge, including a comprehensive understanding of the technology’s implications across business operations.



In the evolving tech industry, change has become a constant, with AI redefining the way we learn, what we learn, and ultimately, how we work.

Within this scope, pivotal trends include:

  • Elevated Learning Methods: AI-powered personalization and interactivity have notably improved learning experiences, offering professionals access to tailored training aligned with their skill levels and roles. Capabilities including translation and automated captions have amplified the discoverability and accessibility of educational content. Skillsoft’s CAISY, a generative AI tool designed to simulate professional conversations, exemplifies such advancements, providing an interactive approach to developing essential business competencies.
  • Expanded Skill Development: AI has generated an urgent need for updated training that prepares professionals to adapt to changing role requirements and seize new career opportunities. In addition to technical skills, there is a growing emphasis on power skills such as agility, team communication, and resilience, highlighting the diverse talents required for successful AI adoption. Skillsoft Global Knowledge’s one-day course, Generative AI for Decision Makers and Architects, provides leaders with this foundational understanding of AI, helping them effectively guide their teams through AI tools, safeguard AI systems, and harness AI for organizational impact.
  • Streamlined Work Processes: AI has enhanced workplace efficiency by automating routine tasks, thereby boosting daily output and allowing more attention to high-value initiatives. Serving as a catalyst for innovation and creativity, it has expedited the refinement of existing products and the creation of novel solutions. Skillsoft Global Knowledge’s introductory course, AI Basics for Everyday Business Users / Part 1, unlocks AI’s potential to achieve these outcomes, equipping professionals to confidently apply AI tools, leverage business intelligence insights, and raise overall productivity.

Across these trends, professionals are embracing AI as a collaborative thought partner to provide fresh avenues for individual and company-wide progress. Still, implementing AI responsibly requires a commitment to continuous education, ensuring that the workforce remains adept and well-informed on the latest AI breakthroughs.



Amidst the AI skills gap, training workers in AI and big data ranks third among company skills-training priorities in the next five years and will be prioritized by 42% of companies.

Through upskilling and reskilling, professionals can gain critical skills across key areas such as natural language processing, deep learning, applied AI, and generative AI. These developmental efforts empower the workforce, solidifying their relevancy and growth in the market. At the organizational level, AI training is also integral to establishing a culture of learning, which beyond tactical expertise, supports a holistic approach to AI, encompassing human-centric AI, bias and fairness, regulatory compliance, and more.

Investment in training provides numerous benefits:

  • Bridge the skills gap: Meet and exceed industry demands while adopting a well-informed, thorough approach to AI.
  • Enhance performance: Increase productivity and precision with AI automation, enabling a greater focus on strategic priorities.
  • Refine decision-making: Make informed, data-driven choices backed by AI algorithms and predictive analytics.
  • Strengthen competitive advantage: Stay ahead, employing AI to propel innovation and solve complex business challenges.

As an industry-recognized training provider, Skillsoft Global Knowledge offers an extensive catalog of courses to help you become an AI expert. With solutions catered to technical IT and business professionals at all levels, learners can achieve sustained acceleration, emerging as leaders prepared to navigate the future of AI.

Are you ready to build your AI skill set?

Find more information about Skillsoft Global Knowledge’s AI course portfolio and kick-start your learning journey today.