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AI Basics for Everyday Business Users Camp 1: Getting Started with AI in Business: Tools & Techniques

AI for Everyone! Instantly Boost Your Productivity! Learn, practice, and apply AI tools to navigate the business world with confidence

Geared for non-technical business users new to AI, AI Basics for Everyday Business Users Boot Camp / Part 1 is a hands-on workshop designed to demystify AI and make it accessible, illustrating how powerful AI tools like ChatGPT can be used to solve complex business problems, streamline workflows, and enhance team collaboration. This course is your guide to understanding how AI can enhance productivity, optimize resource allocation, and help you make informed decisions based on business intelligence insights.

Guided by our industry expert trainer, you’ll explore a wide range of topics, from the basics of AI through ethical considerations when working with and applying it. You’ll learn about and gain hands-on experience with a variety of common user-friendly tools you can put right to work in your day-to-day practice, as the labs focus on real world useful business skills and tasks. You'll learn how to interact effectively with the tools, how to integrate them into existing software, and how AI can assist in various business contexts such as customer service, data analysis, and project management.

By the end of the course, you'll be well-equipped to use AI tools effectively in your everyday business operations, from enhancing personal and team productivity to supporting informed decision-making processes.

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Who Should Attend?

This introductory-level course is perfect for non-technical business professionals who are keen to leverage AI tools to boost their day-to-day productivity and efficiency with the use of innovative tools. Ideal attendees include business managers, project coordinators, customer service representatives, marketing professionals, and anyone else involved in individual or team-based business tasks and operations. If you're keen on exploring how AI can streamline your work processes and improve decision-making, this course would be a great fit.

What You'll Learn

Working in an interactive learning environment, led by our engaging expert, you will:

  • Explore AI's capabilities, learn how it can streamline their workflow, and how to use AI tools to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Master the ability to navigate and use AI tools such as ChatGPT and others, making your everyday work tasks a breeze.
  • Learn how to securely handle and use AI tools, ensuring you're confident and competent while handling business data.
  • Understand how to use AI in a variety of contexts, from customer service to project management, helping you solve a range of business challenges.
  • Learn to apply AI tools to your everyday tasks, helping you automate and streamline your business operations.
  • Develop a knack for using AI for efficient information analysis, helping you make data-driven decisions with ease and accuracy.
  • Gain the ability to use AI for creative content and media creation, letting you design engaging presentations, reports, and more.
  • Understand the practicalities of AI ethics and responsibilities, ensuring you are knowledgeable about respectful and fair AI practices in your business environment.

Course Outline

Day 1

  1. 1. Explore AI in Today's Business World
    • • Gain an understanding of AI's role and potential in business operations
    • • The basics of AI
    • • Different kinds of AI
    • • Real-world applications of AI in business
    • • Pros and cons of using AI in business
    • • Potential benefits and risks of AI in business
    • • The impact of AI on the modern business landscape
  2. 2. Meet Your New AI Friends: ChatGPT and Bard
    • • Get to know common user-friendly AI tools for business
    • • Introduction to ChatGPT
    • • Introduction to Bard
    • • Comparing AI tools: ChatGPT and Bard
    • • Matching the right AI tool to your business needs
    • • Lab: Exploring ChatGPT and Bard in action
  3. 3. The ABCs of Prompt Engineering: AI Conversations for Beginners
    • • Gain a foundational understanding of prompt engineering to effectively communicate with AI.
    • • Basics of conversational AI
    • • Understanding the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of AI in communications
    • • Unpacking the concept of prompt engineering
    • • Basic principles of successful prompt engineering
    • • Importance of context and specificity in prompts
    • • Practice in refining prompts for better AI responses
    • • Understanding common pitfalls in prompt engineering
    • • Top tips and best practices for communicating with AI tools
    • • Lab: Crafting and refining prompts in a guided session with ChatGPT

Day 2

  1. Powering Your Business with AI
    • Learn how AI tools can enhance day-to-day business tasks
    • AI in data analysis
    • AI in customer service
    • AI for improving team collaboration
    • AI for project management
    • Lab: Using GPT for customer service simulation
  2. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Boost Your Productivity with AI
    • Identify ways AI can boost productivity and efficiency in business
    • AI for personal productivity
    • AI for team productivity
    • Integrating AI tools with existing business software
    • Best practices for boosting productivity with AI
    • Lab: Using AI for personal productivity task
  3. AI Tools for Informed Decision Making
    • Explore how AI tools can aid in business decisions
    • AI for business intelligence
    • AI for market research
    • AI for risk assessment
    • AI for resource allocation
    • Lab: Utilizing AI in decision-making
  4. Staying Safe and Smart with AI Tools at Work
    • Introduction to data security and AI
    • Understand essential security considerations and best practices for using AI tools at work safely and effectively.
    • Permissions and access controls with AI tools
    • Considerations when sharing sensitive work data with AI
    • Understanding your organization's AI policies
    • Safe habits when using AI tools
    • Proactive steps to ensure your AI tool usage remains secure
    • Ensuring data privacy when working with AI
    • Activity: Review and discuss common scenarios involving AI tool usage at work, and identify how to navigate these scenarios securely and in compliance with company policies
  5. The Ethics and Responsibility of AI
    • Understand the ethical considerations and responsibilities of using AI in business
    • Privacy and data security in AI
    • Identifying and avoiding biases in AI
    • Legal considerations when using AI
    • Promoting responsible use of AI


To ensure a smooth learning experience and maximize the benefits of attending this course, you should have the following prerequisite skills:

• Basic familiarity with using computer applications and digital tools in a professional setting, such as email clients, office suites, and project management tools.
• A general understanding of how businesses operate, including knowledge of your own business operations and processes.
• Comfortable navigating through digital platforms and tools.
• A problem-solving mindset, as the aim of many AI tools is to help solve business challenges in innovative ways.

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