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AI Proficiency for Every Role

May 24, 2024
Global Knowledge

In the digital age, AI is not solely reserved for tech enthusiasts; it has permeated every facet of business. From HR to marketing, from operations to finance, AI is reshaping how all professionals learn and work. With 80% of knowledge worker jobs expected to be influenced, changed, augmented, or eliminated, the criteria for individual and organizational success will continue to evolve alongside the skills needed to excel.

Notably, as these changes happen, a shortage of professionals skilled in AI presents a significant obstacle. Lacking the expertise to handle complex technology, organizations are left in a vulnerable position, challenging them to adapt or risk falling behind. In this scope, a failure to close skills gaps can lead to significant consequences that limit organizations from harnessing AI’s potential. According to Skillsoft’s IT Skills and Salary Report, additional outcomes include heightened employee stress (45%), prolonged project durations (40%), diminished ability to meet objectives (37%), stifled innovation (31%), and increased security risks (29%).

To mitigate these concerns, it is crucial to understand AI’s role-specific implications, leveraging this knowledge to craft a distinct path toward AI competency.


As the digital revolution forges ahead, AI is becoming integral to professionals’ daily lives. Its diverse applications have emerged as a vital advantage, offering benefits to those prepared to reap its rewards.

When equipped with adept human oversight, AI can serve as a promising assistant in areas such as:

  • Research: AI offers an intuitive, streamlined approach to research, helping professionals quickly gather and analyze information to form comprehensive conclusions.
  • Automation: By expediting routine tasks, AI allows professionals to concentrate more on high-level initiatives, boosting productivity and efficiency.
  • Data Analysis: With the ability to process large volumes of data, AI enables professionals to strengthen decision-making and strategic planning with almost real-time insights.
  • Personalization: AI provides tailored experiences aligned with user and customer preferences and behaviors, assisting professionals to deliver solutions that elevate engagement and satisfaction.

And more...

In fact, many are already capitalizing on these capabilities, raising the standard for securing a strategic edge. This momentum urges employees to stay competitive with up-to-date competencies, using their talents to integrate AI for optimal performance.

As AI’s pervasive impact expands, the workforce must not take a passive role; AI literacy must become a priority. Through an ongoing commitment to learning and development, employees are empowered to exceed industry demands, driving advancements in the workplace and enhancing innovation across sectors.



AI implementation and expansion will be unique for each individual and organization. Yet, all processes will require careful reflection and sustained dedication. To begin scaling in AI, consider the following steps:

  • Understand the Fundamentals: Cultivate a solid foundation in AI technology, including its risks and applications. Explore relevant AI policies and practices to ensure proper safeguards.
  • Assess Implementation Feasibility: Evaluate existing infrastructure and employee skill levels. Identify harmful gaps and determine the necessary actions for effective AI adoption.
  • Create a Personalized Strategy: Construct organizational objectives, considering where and how AI can be applied. Formulate an AI policy that ensures data privacy, security, ethical use, and legal compliance.
  • Commit to Upskilling and Reskilling: Bolster teams with dynamic AI training. Deliver the necessary support and resources to fuel AI skill development.

Importantly, professionals do not have to embark on this journey alone. As a trusted training provider, Skillsoft Global Knowledge provides a range of AI courses for key functional roles across the Enterprise, from everyday business users to advanced developers. Dive deeper with some of our top offerings:

  • Applied AI: Building Intelligent Web Applications: Ideal for technical professionals familiar with Python, elementary data concepts, and web development, this course delves into AI insights and integrating AI and web development to create responsive, individualized user experiences. Work with critical concepts, from content recommendation to user behavior prediction, to build functional, intelligent, and user-centric web applications with AI.
  • Artificial Intelligence Overview for the Enterprise: Designed for technical leaders and stakeholders new to AI, this course examines the different types and sub-fields of AI from a practical business perspective, focusing on Machine Learning, Expert Systems, and Neural Networks. Get hands-on experience with current tools, such as Python, Hadoop, and TensorFlow, and explore short and long-term developments in AI.
  • Quick Start to Prompt Engineering for Everyday Business Users: Geared toward professionals across diverse fields, this course covers prompt engineering for OpenAI tools, including how to create effective prompts, integrate prompt engineering solutions into existing workflows, and uncover advanced techniques and best practices. Build on your AI Basics knowledge and experiment with innovative tools to acquire practical skills that can be immediately applied to a variety of projects.

With our expert-led, live learning experiences, you will gain the skills to utilize groundbreaking technologies. Establish yourself as a leader in your field and propel your organization forward.

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