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Align for Results - Leading with Impact

Learn a 3-step process to connect performance objectives to organizational goals.

A critical component of a leader's role is to be able to understand their organization's strategic business goals, clarify and interpret these goals for themselves and their team and engage their employees to deliver results aligned to these goals. Good leaders know that clear alignment in these areas leads to results. They also know that effective storytelling can inspire and fuel employee effort. Together, clear alignment and effective storytelling become a powerful combination in a leader's toolkit.

This course enables leaders to learn a three-step process to connect their performance objectives to organizational goals, add value by embedding their personal passions and talents to enhance their commitment to achieving those objectives, and structure a clear and compelling story to mobilize employees to work in alignment with organizational goals.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Enhanced understanding of your organization's vision, mission, and strategic direction
  • Improved capability to demonstrate how your business unit priorities fit into the organization's overall strategies
  • Optimized ability to communicate a compelling and inspired sense of purpose for your business unit
  • Improved capability to align individual objectives to the organizational strategies
  • Increased understanding of the importance of creating line of sight
  • Enhanced confidence to inspire others to achieve the vision and strategic goals

Benefits for the Organization

  • Increased likelihood of achieving organization's strategic goals
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Reduced silo mentality
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Who Should Attend?

Leaders at all levels: vice presidents, directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and project managers

What You'll Learn

  • Clearly articulate how to connect individual and team performance to the organization's or team's vision and mission
  • State the benefits to your organization when leaders help align the work people do to the overall strategic direction
  • Articulate your accountability for ensuring your team has a clear line of sight
  • Assess whether your personal passions and unique skills are being used at work
  • Three-step process to create a clear story of alignment for yourself and others
  • Build your Align for Results story using the 4 Ps of a powerful story
  • Tell a well-articulated story that can be communicated to your team to inspire their active participation in achieving the business plan

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