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Mastering Fiber Optic Network Design

Gain skills to design reliable and cost-effective fiber optic networks.

GK# 7500

Course Overview


By attending this four-day, hands-on course, you will be able to design standard-compliant, reliable, and cost effective fiber optic networks. In addition, you will learn how to choose products that maximize network life and reduce network cost.

You will learn the essentials of this powerful and cost-effective technology. With these essentials, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the components of a fiber network, including the product and specification options available. With your comprehensive knowledge of the products and specification options, you will be ready to design any premises or OSP data network.

You will learn to establish the requirements and specifications that result in proper optical performance and reliable network operation. With your understanding of this logical and complete process, you will be able to design almost any premises or OSP data network. In addition, this understanding will enable you to design many types of telephone, CCTV, CATV, process control, and FTTH/PON links. Finally, you will learn how to establish installer acceptance values that result in maximum installed reliability.

You will learn the cost factors for three types of data networks: FTTD, premises, and OSP. With these cost factors, you will be able to estimate network cost and choose the combination of components that results in the lowest total installed cost. In addition, you will be able to determine when to choose an FTTD network because its total initial installed cost will be less than that of a horizontal UTP, vertical fiber network.

You will also apply your extensive knowledge and understanding (gained from Parts 1-3) to one of two design assignments, a fully redundant premises network or a partially redundant OSP network. By developing a full design package, you will learn how to create specifications, to comply with the limitations in the data standards, to ensure installed reliability, and to estimate total installed cost.

This program includes 39 hands-on activities. These practical and useful activities will test and reinforce your understanding of the concepts, process, performance numbers, and product types. Many of these activities use checklists, spreadsheets, and prototype specification forms. You will receive a computer file copy of these lists, spreadsheets, and forms (valued at $495 if purchased separately), either at the program (if you bring a USB drive) or after the program (by email).

Note: Students should bring their own laptops to class.


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What You'll Learn

  • Components of a fiber network
  • Design premises or OSP data network
  • Requirements and specifications for proper optical performance
  • Cost factors for FTTP, premises, and OSP
  • Develop a full design package

Who Should Attend


Anyone responsible for designing reliable and cost-effective fiber optic networks.

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