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Professional Fiber Optic Installation

Learn the principles, methods, and procedures of fiber optics in this essentials course.

GK# 7501

Course Overview


By attending this four-day, hands-on installation course, you will be able to install fiber optic cables, connectors, and splices and achieve the three goals of installation. These three goals-minimum power loss, maximum reliability, and minimum cost-require knowledge of the specific procedures and compliance with the unique rules of fiber optic communication products. You will learn this knowledge and these rules from the lectures and 39 hands-on activities of this comprehensive program.

You will receive three texts. The first is the comprehensive, up-to-date text Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v.9, on which the course is based. This 336-page text will become a highly valuable field reference and resource. This 335-page text will become a highly valuable field reference and resource. It includes all the material presented in the program, step-by-step installation procedures, and the information required to pass all FOA certification examinations, including the CFOT, CFxT, CFOS/C, CFOS/T, and CFOS/S. The second text is a copy of the PowerPoint slides used in the lectures. This text enables you to quickly review any subject in the text. The third text is a guide to certification and troubleshooting fiber optic networks. This guide provides you with a logical, step-by-step guide on how to certify and troubleshoot networks. After this program, you can use these forms for certifying and troubleshooting any fiber optic network.


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What You'll Learn


Through the combination of lectures and hands-on activities, you will learn how to perform all the steps required from receiving the products to certifying the network as being properly and reliably installed. These steps include:

  • Installing cables without damage
  • End preparation of both loose and tight tube cables
  • Installing low loss and reliable multimode connectors
  • Inspecting connectors to determine installation quality with microscopes and visual fault locators
  • Installing and OTDR testing low loss fusion and mechanical splices
  • Proper testing with insertion loss test sets and the OTDR
  • Calculation of acceptance values for all tests
  • Certifying and troubleshooting installed links of laser optimized 50µ, 62.5µ, and singlemode fibers for maximum reliability

Who Should Attend


Data network or SAN installers, military data specialists, network technicians, PON technicians, FTTH installation technicians, installation supervisors, network supervisors, security system installers, and CATV installers would benefit from this course.

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