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Field Service Management (FSM) Implementation

Learn the practical skills to accelerate field service management implementations.

ServiceNow ® Field Service Management (FSM) helps companies efficiently manage location-based work tasks. Field Service Management Implementation focuses specifically on field service management applications and related functionality, most of which may be configured during an implementation using a low-code or no-code approach. Field Service Management Implementation provides practical skills to accelerate field service management implementations.

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Who Should Attend?

The ServiceNow® Field Service Management Implementation course is for Customers, Partners, and Employees who implement features, functions, and data associated with field service management.

What You'll Learn

In this two-day interactive course attendees gain the skills for the effective implementation of the ServiceNow Field Service Management application. This course is designed for Implementation Specialists responsible for set-up and configuration of the Field Service Management applications. A combination of lecture, group discussions, group activities, and lab work helps attendees develop skills to achieve the following:

  • Validate foundational data
  • Analyze and implement customer business requirements
  • Use industry good practice for field service management implementation
  • Discuss common field service management integration scenarios and good practices
  • Set-up field service business and assignment configuration
  • Configure work order form and mandatory skills
  • Create advanced maintenance plans and maintenance schedules
  • Configure central dispatch and dynamic scheduling
  • Automate transfer order line task assignment using flow designer
  • Configure appointment booking service
  • Configure advanced time recording and time sheet policy
  • Create a targeted communication
  • Configure contextual knowledge for work orders and work order tasks
  • Configure field service mobile application

Course Outline

Module 1: Field Service Management Implementation Planning


  • FSM features, process, and data review
  • Field service industry good practices
  • FSM implementation good practices
  • Process Integrations
  • Foundation data planning


  • Lab 1.1 Prepare to Implement Field Service Management


Module 2: Implementing Field Service Processes


  • Validate Foundation Data
  • Configure Field Service Process, Assignment, and Add-ons
  • Configure Work Order Creation
  • Configure Time Recording


  • Lab 2.1 Validate Foundation Data
  • Lab 2.2a Configure Approval Workflow
  • Lab 2.2b Field Service Configuration
  • Lab 2.3a Configure Mandatory Skills
  • Lab 2.3b Create a Work Order Template
  • Lab 2.4 Create an Advanced Maintenance Plan
  • Lab 2.5 Configure Advanced Time Recording


Module 3: Optimizing Inventory & Scheduling Operations


  • Scheduling and Dispatch Configurations
  • Dynamic Scheduling Configuration
  • Parts Sourcing and Transfer Process automation


  • Lab 3.1a Configure Central Dispatch
  • Lab 3.1b Configure Dynamic Scheduling
  • Lab 3.2 Automate Transfer Order Line Task Assignment using Flow Designer


Module 4: Implementing Field Service Mobile


  • Agent Mobile Application Overview
  • Field Service Mobile Configurations
  • Mobile Migration Considerations


  • Lab 4.1 Configure VIP Tasks Applet


Module 5: Implementing Related Processes


  • Customer Experience Configurations
  • Appointment Booking Configuration
  • Configure Targeted Communications
  • Configure Field Service Knowledge Base and Contextual Search


  • Lab 5.1a Configure Appointment Booking
  • Lab 5.1b Appointment Booking – Advanced Availability Configuration
  • Lab 5.2 Create a Targeted Communication and Notification
  • Lab 5.3 Configure Contextual Knowledge for the Field Service Knowledge Base

Labs Outline

  • Lab - Prepare for Class Labs and Activities
  • Lab - Validate Foundational Data
  • Optional Labs - Explore Field Service Modules
  • Lab - Configure Work Order Approval Workflow
  • Lab - Field Service Configuration Settings
  • Lab - Manage Skills
  • Lab - Create a Work Order Template
  • Lab - Create a Questionnaire
  • Lab - Create an Advanced Maintenance Plan
  • Lab - Configure Advanced Time Recording
  • Lab - Configure Scheduling and Dispatch Tools
  • Lab - Configure Dynamic Scheduling
  • Lab - Automate Transfer Order Line Task Assignment
  • Optional Lab - Configure Mandatory Skills
  • Lab - Configure an Appointment Booking Service
  • Lab - Configure Advanced Appointment Availability
  • Lab - Create a Targeted Communication
  • Lab - Configure Contextual Knowledge
  • Optional Lab - Use the Now Agent Mobile Application