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Guide to Watson Cognitive APIs

New & Exclusive – Learn how to build and deploy simple apps in Bluemix along with setting up, training, and calling the Watson cognitive APIs.

GK# 5658

Course Overview


This comprehensive modular course will provide participants with a foundational-to-intermediate knowledge of the Watson Developer Cloud. Students will learn how to build and deploy simple apps in Bluemix along with setting up, training, and calling the Watson cognitive APIs.


This course will be available in December 2017.



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What You'll Learn


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Use and create simple applications in Bluemix
  • Enable cognitive computing features in the student’s application
  • Understand the Watson services and the characteristics and requirements of each
  • Understand when and how to use each service
  • Call the services (and train the trainable ones)
  • Combine multiple services to enhance their applications
  • Interpret users’ requests so developers can understand and respond to what users are asking for
  • Automate the processing of large quantities of data
  • Manage unformatted, unstructured content
  • Respond to requests for services that require combination of services
  • Capture information from images and analyze it to generate relevant information
  • Use visuals to search quickly for desired user requirements


Viewing outline for:

Classroom Live Outline

1. IBM Bluemix Overview
1.1. Set Up Work Environment
1.2. Introduction to Bluemix
1.3. Introduction to IBM Watson Developer Cloud

2. Upload an App to Bluemix (App Provided to Students)

3. Types of Watson Services

4. Create and Train Watson Services (If Trainable), and Integrate the Service into Students’ Front-End App*
4.1. Conversation
4.2. Discovery
4.3. Visual Recognition (Node-RED)
4.4. Speech to Text
4.5. Text to Speech
4.6. Document Conversion
4.7. Tone Analyzer
4.8. Personality Insights
4.9. Natural Language Classifier (Node-RED)
4.10. Retrieve and Rank (Node-RED)
4.11. Natural Language Understanding
4.12. Language Translator

5. Combining Multiple APIs*
5.1. Create and Combine Conversation and Discovery APIs and Integrate into Front-End App
5.2. Use Cases
5.3. Common Design Patterns
* Each of the modules in sections 4 and 5 will include an explanation of why, when, and how to use the service, instructor demonstration/lecture, tips and best practices, and a simple practice and real-world challenge. Students will be provided code snippets in Java, and up to three of the exercises will use Node-RED.


  • Basic understanding of Bluemix (recommended)
  • At least one or more programming languages, such as Java, Node.js, C#, Python, Ruby, or GO, although no specific language is required to complete this course
  • Common data structures such as string, integer, and array
  • Base understanding of JSON and REST APIs
  • Source code control principles in Git-compatible services

Who Should Attend


Product Owners, Solution Designers, and Application Developers

Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Classroom Live

Receive face-to-face instruction at one of our training center locations.

Duration: 3 day

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 3 day

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