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June 13, 2018

70% of global industry faces a shortage of necessary IT skills (75% in North America)


Cary, North Carolina, USA - Global Knowledge, the world’s leading provider of IT and professional training services, has released its 11th annual IT Skills and Salary Report. Based on responses from 16,000 IT professionals from around the world, the authoritative report highlights a worrying skills gap that respondents say is having a negative impact on business growth and leaving organizations at risk of cyberattacks.


The report indicates that 70% of the global industry faces a shortage of necessary IT skills (rising to 75% in North America), resulting in product and market development delays and the slow deployment of critical projects, project failures, and higher employee stress.


Organizations around the world cite challenges in acquiring the skills necessary to ensure cybersecurity or adopt critical technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain.


The silver lining is that the demand for qualified IT professionals is driving significant salary growth in the sector, with the average salary difference between certified and non-certified IT professionals rising to 22% in the North America, equivalent to nearly $16,000 annually.


Todd Johnstone, Global Knowledge's CEO said, “It is great to see many of our clients, who have invested in building their skills, reaping great career successes, but this research also sends a stark warning to all organizations that they need to focus on building the skills they need to enable success, if they want to stay ahead in a fast-changing environment.”


“The new technology sector offers great opportunities to secure efficiency gains and competitive advantages to those organizations that have the people and the skills necessary to take advantage of them. Those that do not will inevitably fall behind.”


“We are also seeing increasing economic and physical risk associated with cyberattacks, and the need to stay aware of the ever more sophisticated risks that we are unfortunately seeing worldwide.”


Download the full salary report


Global Knowledge delivers courses and certifications in a wide variety of IT and professional subjects, including IT security, through physical and virtual classrooms and on-demand digital channels. With 1,500 employees and over 100 key partnerships worldwide, Global Knowledge has a geographical reach that is unique in the industry.


Download the full salary report



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About Global Knowledge
Global Knowledge is the worldwide leader in IT and professional training, providing the skills that individuals and organizations need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

To meet customer needs, Global Knowledge has the unique flexibility to deliver a broad portfolio of courses online, in classrooms, and through a worldwide partner network.

Established in 1995, Global Knowledge has 1,500 employees worldwide, including award-winning instructors widely considered as the best in the industry.

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