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How Workplace Training Drives Success

March 15, 2018

Training builds a highly skilled workforce


In the age of digital transformation, many companies are losing ground in the battle for skilled talent. New technologies require new skills. And yet, there’s a growing gap in the number of employees—and potential recruits—that have the right IT skills to meet an organization’s needs. The reality is that technology is only as powerful as the people trained to use it.

Global Knowledge, the worldwide leader in skills transformation and IT training, can help. Our workplace training solutions are designed to upskill your employees and teams, manage resistance to change, and propel your digital agenda forward. In short, we develop people into technology powerhouses.

This white paper explains how Global Knowledge can help your organization build a more engaged, highly skilled workforce. It presents the findings of recent surveys, completed by IT professionals that have taken Global Knowledge training courses within the past eight months. Plus, you’ll see data about our instructors. Learn how the right training provider—with the right instructors—can develop the skills of your employees, save time, and increase productivity for years to come.

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