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Cisco's learning credit program has changed


Select Global Knowledge-delivered Cisco classes are CLC-eligible

Cisco has approved a rolling schedule of Global Knowledge-delivered classes eligible for Cisco Learning Credits (CLC). Visit our CLC-eligible classes list to learn more.




  • What happens after 6/14/21?

    • Cisco is publishing CLC-eligible courses on its Cisco Learning Locator. Global Knowledge is now delivering some of these courses in a rolling schedule of classes. View our list of classes

      We hope to expand the number our number of classes with Cisco soon, so please check back or let us know what your needs are via our CLC-eligible class request form.


  • What is the implication for Team Captains?

    • June 11
      • The last day to redeem CLCs with a Global Knowledge account executive. Purchases had to be made by 5 p.m. EDT and your Team Captain must have approved the request by the end of the day. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be accepted.
    • June 14, 2021
      • Last class start date for learning partner (LP)-delivered classes using CLCs as a form of payment.
      • The Preferred Partner designation will no longer be accessible in the LCMT system.
    • After June 14, 2021
      • Customers may continue to purchase Cisco training through authorized LPs/BEPs without the use of CLCs as a form of payment.
      • Customers may continue to obtain CLCs and redeem them directly with Cisco.


  • What if I’ve already booked a class with CLCs that runs after 6/14/21?

    • If your class has been entered in the Cisco Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT) by Global Knowledge on or before April 5, 2021 AND your Team Captain has approved it, CLC redemption for a class start date after June 14 will be honored.


  • What if I need to change a registration after June 14, 2021?

    • We may be able to assist, contact your Global Knowledge account manager, call us at 800.268.7737 or email us at to review options.

    • If you have a contractual long-term commitment, please contact us so we can assist.


  • Does this CLC program change apply to all learning partners?

    • Yes, all Cisco learning partners will no longer be allowed to redeem CLCs after 6/14/21.


  • What happens after 6/14/21?

    • After June 14th, CLCs may only be redeemed directly with Cisco.



Authorized Cisco Training Partner