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The Service Portal Micro Certification certifies that a successful candidate has the skills and essential knowledge to configure, customize, and extend components to create a Service Portal.


The ServiceNow Service Portal Micro Certification exam is available to ServiceNow customers, partners, and employees

Required Exams

Service Portal Micro Certification exam.


MC-SP Exam Overview

Exam questions are based on official ServiceNow training materials, the ServiceNow documentation site and the ServiceNow developer site. Study materials posted elsewhere online are not official, and as per ServiceNow, should not be used to prepare for the examination.


Exam Registration

Each candidate must register for the exam via Now Learning after successfully completing Service Portal Micro Certification prerequisite training path. The exam is available directly through Now Learning as a non-proctored, 60-minute exam.

Exam Structure

The exam consists of approximately 20 questions. For each question on the examination, there are multiple possible responses. Select the most correct answer to the question. There are multiple choice (single answer) and multiple select (select all that apply) questions.

Exam Results and Retakes

After completing and submitting the exam, a pass or fail result is immediately calculated and displayed to the candidate. More detailed results are not provided to the candidate. If you do not pass the exam, you are allowed up to three retakes for a Micro Certification. Failing a Micro Certification exam four times will require you to re-complete the required paired training content. There will be a 24-hour waiting period after each failed attempt to ensure you have the proper time to prepare.

Next Steps

Certified System Administrator or any of the 13 Certified Implementation Specialist certifications, depending on which area of the platform you're focused on.

Recommended Courses


There are no recertification requirements.