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RedHat Training

Red Hat's Enterprise Architect courses provide in-depth, hands-on training for senior Linux system administrators responsible for deploying and managing many systems in large enterprise environments. Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) is a capstone certification to Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), the most recognized, acclaimed and mature certifications in the Linux space.

About the RHCA-Level Exams

To earn RHCA certification, you must demonstrate a depth and breadth of knowledge across Red Hat technologies. You must pass any five of the higher-level exams for Red Hat Certificates of Expertise and/or associated RHCA prerequisite certifications.

  • Only current RHCEs are eligible to be certified as RHCAs, while anyone can attend the courses or take exams in this track.
  • Though the courses are not required (tests can be taken separately), they are strongly recommended.

About the RHCA Candidate

  • Senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators who have a current RHCE certification. 
  • RHCEs who wish to demonstrate greater depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and across other Red Hat products.
  • IT architects who wish to demonstrate Red Hat-specific skills and knowledge.

Recommended Courses


In order for an RHCA to remain current, you must maintain five eligible credentials. You can also earn a higher level of RHCA by earning more than five eligible credentials.

In case the number of eligible, current certifications goes below five, you would lose your RHCA, but it can be easily restored by either re-taking past exams or by taking new Certification of Expertise exams.


For more information visit the Red Hat recertification page.