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ITIL®️ Certification Renewal Requirements

Make the Most of your Certifications by Keeping them Current

All candidates with a PeopleCert Global Best Practice certification, such as ITIL® 4 or PRINCE2, must renew their certifications every three years to keep their credentials current and stay up to date with the skills needed in their chosen professions.


Why Renew?

Just as the certification programs must evolve and change to stay current with industry best practices, certified individuals must also adapt to these new practices and technologies to keep their skills current and relevant.

Benefits of renewal include:

  • Staying competitive with current and relevant industry and best practice skills and knowledge
  • Growing career advancement opportunities and staying ahead in a competitive job market
  • Demonstrating a commitment to upskilling to current and future employers
  • Improving productivity and efficiency
  • Elevating your personal brand and enhance your professional resume

Individuals who choose not to renew will remain on PeopleCert’s Successful Candidate Register (SCR) in the MyAxelos system, but their certifications will not carry the badge that indicates the credential aligns with current requirements.


Certification Renewal Pathways

There are three renewal pathways available:


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD points can be logged against individual or multiple certifications. PeopleCert has not prescribed a defined list of activities that count as CPD. The logged activity should be relevant to each candidate’s professional development and related to their held certification(s). Each activity must fit into one of the three categories defined below – example activities are provided in the bulleted list:

Professional Experience

A minimum of 5 total points is required in this category:

  • Professional practice: applying best practice in the workplace
  • Coaching colleagues in relation to best practice
  • Mentoring individuals or groups to support their development
  • Work shadowing colleagues in relation to best practice

Professional Education

  • PeopleCert certifications
  • Other certifications that complement your PeopleCert qualification
  • Professional qualifications from awarding bodies
  • In house training
  • E-learning
  • Reading relevant books, publications, white papers, and other industry content
  • Podcasts and webinars


  • Organizing industry / best practice related events
  • Contributing to community discussion forums
  • Authoring thought leadership
  • Attending industry events
  • Reading community discussion forums
  • Volunteering to share your knowledge and experience


Most points may be logged as 1 point for every hour of activity. For the five points of Professional Experience, five separate activities related to the best practice knowledge gained in the certification(s) must be recorded. These activities must link to the skills and behaviors defined within the certification(s).

Instructions for calculating and logging CPD, along with more detailed information on applicable activities, are available within the MyAxelos membership site.


Renewal Recommendations

You have several options available! Give us a call at +1 (800) 268-7737 to speak with one of our training experts and ensure you select the renewal pathway that best suits your budget and career aspirations.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I find my renewal date?

The renew-by date can be viewed in your PeopleCert account, under the Certification tab.

Which certifications have a “renew-by” date?

All PeopleCert Global Best Practice certifications in the programs below have a suggested “renew by” date that is within three years of the original certification date.

  • ITIL® 4
  • PRINCE2® 5th and 6th
  • PRINCE2® Agile
  • MSP®4th and 5th
  • M_o_R® 3rd and 4th
  • MoP®
  • P3O®
  • MoV®
  • AgileSHIFT®

Will the 3-year re-certification apply to ITIL® v3 products, e.g., ITIL OSA, ITIL Expert?

Certification renewal requirements do not apply to ITIL® v3 certifications.

Can I renew a PeopleCert certification by taking another PeopleCert certification?

To renew a certification, you must choose options within the same product suite. For example, an ITIL® 4 certification will not be renewed by obtaining a PRINCE2® certification but could be renewed by earning any other ITIL 4® certification.

Product suites are defined as follows:

  • ITIL®4: Includes all ITIL® 4 certifications
  • Project, Programme & Portfolio Management: PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile, MoR®, MSP®, MoV®, MoP®, P3O®
  • AgileSHIFT®: Includes All AgileSHIFT® certifications
  • RESILIA®: Includes all RESILIA® certifications

Do I have to retake all my ITIL®️ 4 Managing Professional exams to keep my Managing Professional designation?

If you have more than one certificate from the same product suite (e.g., ITIL 4), they will all share the same renewal date, which is 3 years after the most recent exam taken.

For example, if you took ITIL 4 Foundation on 1st January 2021 and ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support on 1 January 2022, both of your ITIL 4 certificates will have a renewal date of 1 January 2025.

What happens if I do not renew my certification?

If you do not renew your certification, you will still be included on the Successful Candidates Register (SCR) and the Candidate Verification Service, but a note will be added to your record to indicate that your certification needs to be renewed to align with current certification requirements.