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First steps in cybersecurity awareness begin with simple best practices.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and Global Knowledge invites you be a part of the national campaign to practice basic cyber hygiene, not only now but throughout the year.

Regardless of your job role in an organization, everyone is tasked with taking simple steps to protect intellectual property. Together, businesses can encourage a transparent transformation through clearly communicated cyber policies and move towards a solid risk management plan. 

Available resources are at your fingertips, from white papers and recorded webinars to how you can assess your risks.

IT Professionals

Understanding the security implications within your functional area is vital as every process and system includes a security expectation, process, or risk. These skills and knowledge are invaluable as the demand and need for cybersecurity professionals grows. Gain foundational and advanced knowledge and training on cybersecurity products and solutions as cybersecurity is everyone’s job. Global Knowledge can help you become part of the solution.


IT Security Professionals

As a cybersecurity professional, implementing and monitoring security protocols while being the first line of defense against attacks and breaches requires advanced knowledge and continuous training. Keeping up with your skills and technologies helps you to evolve as cyber threats and attacks evolve. Security Analysts, Security Engineers, and Forensics Investigators can stay current with Global Knowledge cybersecurity certification and product training.

IT Managers

Maintain and improve cyber readiness by ensuring your IT security team is staffed and trained to respond to the latest threats and risks. Global Knowledge can help build solutions specific to the needs of your company regardless of its size or skill needs.


IT Executives

As a CIO, CSO or CISO day-to-day risk assessment and setting security policies are a top priority due to the high profile of cybersecurity in our modern day business world. We can give you the tools to manage company-wide cybersecurity policies and plans with confidence. Global Knowledge can provide your entire organization a solution from awareness to the most specialized skill sets to help you meet cybersecurity needs.

Begin your cybersecurity journey now.

View a complete list of our cybersecurity curriculum.