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The Cloud Practice Accelerator (CPA) enables organizations to develop and achieve their cloud strategy. Global Knowledge Channel Partners will be able to help identify changes their customers’ organizations need to make in order to stay competitive within the cloud marketplace.

What does CPA include?

CPA includes an on-demand, managed assessment that measures an organization's cloud capabilities in four key domains: Infrastructure, Operations, Services and Sales.

Based on answers within the four key domains of the assessment, CPA will identify the key job roles, processes and technologies needed in order to advance the organization's cloud maturity to an optimal and effective state.

Then, during a dedicated one-day Validation Workshop, a Global Knowledge cloud practice and technology expert will meet with the organizational leader. During this workshop:

• Assessment inputs and outputs will be verified.
• A gap analysis will be produced to determine what the company needs to reach their goals.
• And a road map will be created to demonstrate how the company can advance their cloud strategy.

Included within the Premium option is a four-day transformation workshop, where a Global Knowledge cloud practice and technology expert will walk the customer through the necessary stages to drive change within their organization. The customer will receive a custom training plan and timeline that establishes the next steps towards achieving their cloud practice goals and advancing their organization. 



The breakdown:

Cloud Practice Accelerator Basic Premium
Infrastructure Assessment X X
Operations Assessment X X
Service Assessment X X
Sales Assessment X X
Validation Workshop (one day) X X
Gap Analysis X X
Transformation Workshop (four days)   X