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Free Templates with Every Course

Creating templates to support the new concepts you learn in class can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Global Knowledge's business training courses help you adopt best practices quickly and easily by providing you online access to over 110 templates free with any course purchase. These templates can be customized and used throughout your organization. The list of templates includes:

1. 7-S Worksheet
2. BA Advanced Skills Inventory
3. BA Basic Skills and Knowledge Inventory
4. BA Leadership Skills Inventory
5. Business case/ project proposal
6. Change management plan
7. Change request form
8. Closure report
9. Closure survey
10. Communication management plan
11. Corporate overview rating sheet
12. Cost / benefit analysis (.doc)
13. Cost management plan
14. Decision quality analysis worksheet
15. Delegation task form
16. Deliverable acceptance form
17. EVM Worksheet
    a. Basic CAPs Worksheet
    b. Dependency Analysis Worksheet
    c. Gantt Chart Schedule Worksheet
    d. Network Diagram and Critical Path Worksheet
18. Functional plan
19. Functional specifications
20. General information elicitation planner
21. GQM analysis
22. Implementation plan
23. Improvement options
24. Information gathering preparation form
25. Information gathering techniques
26. Investment analysis business case
27. Key performance indicators worksheet
28. Kickoff meeting agenda
29. Leadership effectiveness assessment
30. Leadership orientation scoring
31. Marketing analysis worksheet
32. Maturity assessment rating
33. Meeting agenda
34. Meeting minutes
35. Negotiation Planning template
36. Network activity sticky note
37. NPV worksheet
38. Preliminary scope statement
39. Process effectiveness assessment
40. Process improvement planning checklist
41. Process improvement proposal
42. Procurement management plan
43. Program charter
44. Program communication management plan
45. Program review meeting agenda
46. Program workbook
    a. Program Action Items
    b. Program Issues Log
    c. Program Risk Management Matrix (Risk Register)
    d. Program Stakeholder Analysis
47. Project activity planning
48. Project charter
49. Project recovery planning checklist
50. Project workbook
    a. Action items log
    b. Assumptions and constraints
    c. Budget
    d. Change control log
    e. Communication plan
    f. Cost / benefit analysis
    g. Decision log
    h. Deliverable acceptance log
    i. Deliverable milestones
    j. Delphi exercise
    k. Expectations worksheet
    l. Initial project size estimation grid
    m. Issues Log
    n. Periodic portfolio review report
    o. PERT analysis
    p. Project minicharter
    q. Project quality metrics
    r. Project register
    s. Resource commitment matrix
    t. Resource loading
    u. Risk assessment matrix
    v. Risk management matrix   
    w. Roles and responsibilities matrix
    x. Roster
    y. Stakeholder analysis matrix
    z. Stoplight report
    aa. Timesheet
    bb. Timesheet summary report
    cc. Work breakdown structure
51. Quality assurance process audit form
52. Quality audit checklist
53. Quality audit report
54. Quality management plan
55. Ratios template
56. Request for information
57. Request for proposal
58. Requirements
59. Risk assessment response plan-by event
60. Risk management plan
61. Schedule management plan
62. Scope management plan
63. Sensitivity analysis worksheet
64. Stakeholder ethics assessment
65. Stakeholder information elicitation
66. Status report-Executive
67. Status report-Program executive
68. Status report-Schedule and budget
69. Status report-Team members
70. SWOT outline
71. SWOT worksheet
72. Team training plan
73. Training plan
74. Triple constraints tradeoff analysis
75. Triple constraints importance analysis
76. Use case
77. Vendor Evaluation Workbook
    a. Vendor presentation evaluation grid
    b. Vendor presentation summary grid
    c. Vendor proposal evaluation grid
    d. Vendor proposal summary grid