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The Skills Development Index™: What Type of Training Do You Need?

Nov. 01, 2021
Global Knowledge


This white paper discusses the Global Knowledge Skills Development Index™ and how it can be used as a tool to help IT professionals identify the most important skill needs, select the appropriate training, and ultimately eliminate skills gaps.



Our data illustrates two conflicting trends: IT professionals are training more than ever, and skills gaps are more prevalent than they’ve ever been.

This begs the question, is there a wrong way to train?

The Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report is the largest annual survey of global IT professionals. This report, which has collected data from over 190,000 respondents since launching in 2006, provides a detailed examination of the most pressing topics in IT, including highest-paying jobs and certifications, top tech areas, job satisfaction, and preferred learning methods.

The 2021 report present two key data points. First, 85% of all IT professionals took some form of training in the previous year. Secondly, 76% of IT decision-makers say their teams don’t have the necessary skills.

A rise in training should result in a decline in skills gaps, right? Not the case. We believe there are two main reasons for this inverse correlation:

  1. Technology evolution
  2. Approach to training

New products are being adopted faster than the consumption of training. So the problem may not be the training itself, but the lack of skills needed to keep pace with emerging tech.

In other cases, the type of training is the real problem—it doesn’t match the criticality of the skills need. In other words, professionals are taking the wrong kind of training. You can mow your lawn with a pair of scissors, but it’s not an efficient use of your time.

That’s where the Global Knowledge Skills Development Index™ comes in. This new tool answers the important question that all IT professionals face: What type of training do I need?

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