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Success in the Digital Age: The Value of Investing in People

July 06, 2018
Global Knowledge

Your Competitive Edge: People and Intellectual Property


This special report covers:

  • Value paradigm shift to investing in people
  • Benefits associated to developing the right skills
  • Trends where critical skills need to be developed
  • Business drivers to do less with more and remain competitive
  • Ideas on how to convert customers into assets through customer education

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Human capital and intellectual property are the attributes that provide competitive differentiation for companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM, Apple and Microsoft. Knowledge-based companies are worth more than the cumulative total of their tangible assets because of the significant value of their high-performing workforce who improve business practices, processes and other intangible assets.

Companies that are successful provide opportunities for their people to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed to close performance gaps, personally excel and positively impact their businesses. Whether through self-study, formal classroom training or another learning method, gaining expertise in technology areas through continuous learning is first step to closing these damaging skills gaps.

Current technology and demographic trends, such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, mobile technology and global expansion, are accentuating the critical need to invest in training to reduce product/service risk mitigation, improve talent retention and find cost savings. Additionally, this is the first time in history where four generations are working together simultaneously. Learning and communication styles across the generations do not always align and must be recognized in performance improvement plans.


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