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What is Blockchain and How it Will Impact Your Business

July 13, 2018
54m 14s

With blockchain constantly in the news, business leaders are not only asking themselves what it is but most importantly, what’s in it for me and my business.

If you’ve asked those questions, this webinar is for you! In it you will not only learn what blockchain is, but understand its impact and potential for your business. We will demonstrate some of its immediate use cases in technology, business, and enterprise products and institutions.


Ernesto Lee

Ernesto Lee has 25 years of experience in the IT industry in computer programming, analysis, development, implementation, testing, maintenance, and support. His accomplishments include creating Solidity based Smart Contracts for the Ethereum network and creating Hyperledger certification and training courses with

Ernesto has written numerous books on blockchain and his work as a public speaker and author has quickly seen him emerge to be one of America’s most exciting thought leaders and expert voices in the field of blockchain and technology.

After viewing this webinar, students will understand why the distributed database technology is gaining in popularity and its diverse range of sectors that can benefit from it.

Viewers will gain an understanding of:

  • Value of blockchain in business
  • Value of smart contracts in business
  • Role & value of digital assets
  • Common misconceptions about blockchain
  • Who is using blockchain and for what