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Nov. 08, 2022

To stay competitive in the industry, your employers and clients rely on you to stay ahead of the tech curve. Maybe they look to you when they evaluate a move to the cloud, or maybe they bring you a problem and point to an existing tech stack for solutions you may or may not be able to create. Whatever the scenario, you can be sure that the skills you bring to the table are critical on many levels.

We will take a look at the cybersecurity Architect Expert certification track. This is the first expert-level certification in Microsoft’s Security, Compliance, and Identity portfolio. This certification will focus on designing elements of a cybersecurity architecture and evaluating the tradeoffs between different solutions.


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Ameen Majaro and Christopher Scott

Ameen Majaro

With 7+ years as an IT Specialist, Ameen has the relevant industry experience in evaluating, planning, migrating, deploying and managing Microsoft 365 services for a total modern-centric workplace. Ameen has a background in deep technical support, and system administration and has built a wealth of knowledge in Microsoft Endpoint Manager; device deployment; mobile device management; identity and access control; data loss prevention; endpoint threat protection; endpoint/workplace analytics, infrastructure management, and monitoring. Combining all these skills enables him to assess, architect, and implement a total Modern-centric workplace, IT & data security, monitoring, and management solutions.

Ameen is very active in the IT community and have presented at various technical forums to drive the easy adoption of various business productivity tools. With a drive to continue to operate in an innovative fashion, constantly evolving in line with emerging technologies and practices that serve to propel his organization's goals and business processes.


Christopher Scott

With a formal background in health and sports science, Christopher's passion for IT products and services may not be immediately obvious, but it is simple: technology commands our attention at every turn, personally and professionally. In fact, with each passing day, cloud-enabled services are changing the way we work, think, and live. Skillsoft and Microsoft have empowered Christopher to think critically about the challenges facing today’s organizations and have enabled him to work closely with those on the frontlines of technology.

Christopher is motivated by Skillsoft’s purpose to propel organizations and people to grow together through transformative learning experiences. This translates into progress for both individuals and businesses. Together, Skillsoft and Microsoft provide these opportunities, consistently leading professionals toward their next breakthrough, for the companies they serve and in their careers.