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The Enemy Inside: How to Detect Supply Chain Attack & Stop it Before It’s Too Late

Oct. 06, 2021
58m 46s

When it comes to developing new, innovative ways and tools for breaching security, the attackers never stay idle – and so shouldn’t we when it comes to counteracting! Through the past few years, their inventiveness caused substantial damage in the area of supply chain attacks. During this webinar, Paula will demonstrate techniques of using the supply chain method and show tactics used today by cyber-criminals that allow them to deliver it and what are the prevention mechanisms to avoid being attacked by the newest innovations! Bring some coffee before attending!

Paula Januszkiewicz

Paula Januszkiewicz is CEO and Founder of CQURE Inc. and CQURE Academy. She is also Enterprise Security MVP, honorable Microsoft Regional Director for CEE and a world class cybersecurity expert, consulting customers all around the world. She is also a top speaker at many international conferences (incl. TechEd North America, TechEd Middle East and TechEd Europe, RSA China, Cybercrime Forum and other) and writes articles on Windows Security. The training courses she conducts usually cover Security, Windows operating system topics and Virtualization. Paula is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. She conducted many IT security audits and penetration tests – these are her everyday tasks.