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Project Managers in Agile - Where do They Fit In?

March 31, 2017
54m 43s

Agile project management literally turns the world of managing projects upside down. The triple constraint is balanced in an unconventional way, the role of the matrix team coordinator is downplayed, and risk management can be built into the prioritization approach. So, what is left for the PM to do?

Yvan Bastien

Yvan Bastien, P. Eng, PMP has over 20yrs of business experience in the fields of engineering, business skills training and business development.  He currently works as a professional development trainer with Global Knowledge where he teaches students in a variety of business and leadership skills.

Mr. Bastien is also a trainer and avid student of interest-based negotiation and alternative dispute resolution concepts, which are key drivers in his professional and personal endeavours.

Mr. Bastien obtained his P. Eng in 1985 and a PMP in 2003.  His interests include volunteering in the professional community as the President of the local Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

The Project Manager, with their technical, leadership and business management skills, still has a lot to bring to Agile Projects. This webinar will explore how Project Managers must adapt to align with the organization’s agile approach and continue contributing to their maximum potential, and beyond!

In this one hour webinar, you will:
- Explore the Triple Constraint in Agile and understand how it affects planning
- Understand agile team roles and how the PM might best contribute to the team as a coach and facilitator
- Explain the value of the burn-up chart and understand how it shows scope creep
- Describe a self-managed team and understand the importance of coaching
- Explore a case-study of an organization that is moving away from a PMO