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Moving beyond all or nothing security: The meaning of “zero trust” today

May 05, 2022
62m 8s

In this presentation, CompTIA’s Dr. James Stanger will provide case studies and examples describing how zero trust is implemented in the private and public sector. Dr. Stanger will outline discussions he has had with industry leaders from Google, NIST, and other organizations worldwide who have led the way in successful zero trust implementations. He will outline the best practices and technologies necessary to build next-level networks.

James Stanger

In this Webinar, you will learn about

  • What we can learn about zero trust from zombie movies
  • The all or nothing model: Another analogy, and a few more insights
  • Today’s IT environment(s) – and why “zero trust” is so important
  • Monitoring and observability: How zero trust makes it possible
  • Zero trust: Foundational technologies and best practices for your resilience journey
  • How applications behave in the cloud: Same as it ever was?
  • The new meaning(s) of governance