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How to Study for and Pass ITIL Intermediate Exams

July 24, 2014
52m 4s

In this hour-long webinar by Global Knowledge instructor and ITIL Expert Michael Scarborough, you will learn how to study for and succeed in passing ITIL Intermediate Exams. You will learn how to approach an ITIL Intermediate exam, the true/false approach and why it works and how to study for the ITIL Intermediate exams.

Michael Scarborough

Michael Scarborough, ITIL Expert and Global Knowledge instructor, has more than 22 years of IT experience, including systems operation, leading complex projects, establishing multiplatform automation, and adopting service management best practices. Michael helps large and small organizations make significant improvements by adopting ITIL best practices, and he regularly delivers ITIL training to all levels of Global Knowledge students.


  • Structure of the Exam
    • Scenario
    • Questions
  • Common Patterns and Predictable Questions
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Hiring
    • Implementation
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Making the Intermediate Exams More Objective
    • The True/False Approach
    • A Process for Approach Intermediate Exam Questions
    • Sample Question: Using the True/False Approach