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How to Build a Web Server with Lambda

Sep. 14, 2018

The idea of building and running applications without thinking about the servers (AKA serverless computing) is a developers dream come true.

 Watch expert Rich Morrow to understand:

  • The benefits of using serverless computing
  • Different architectures that use serverless computing
  • How AWS services, like Lambda, S3, API Gateway and DynamoDB work together to enable faster and more flexible application deployment and management.

This video also features a live demo: Building a web app with only serverless components.

Rich Morrow

Rich Morrow is a 20-year open-source technology veteran who enjoys coding and teaching as much as writing and speaking. His current passions are cloud technologies (mainly AWS and Google Cloud Platform) and big data (Hadoop / Spark and NoSQL), and he spends about half of his work life traveling the world training the Fortune 500 on their high-level value props as well as low-level technical implementation and operation. The other half of his work life revolves around speaking, writing, and analyst engagements around IoT, cloud, big data, mobile, and DevOps/agile methodologies. He served as one of the top 5 analysts for GigaOM, and now publishes his works through O'Reilly Media, Venture Beat, Global Knowledge, and other channels.

Participants can expect to learn the following:

  • Advantages of SAM (Serverless Application Model)
  • Lambda, S3, API Gateway overview
  • Sample architectures (review 2-3 architectures involving those services)
  • Live Demo on AWS