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Getting There Faster - Accelerating Leadership Development

Oct. 01, 2013
56m 57s

How can leaders and Human Resources professionals use effective, simple and research-based talent management practices to contribute to their organization's success? Too many leadership development theories provide complex and confusing answers. Join Jocelyn Bérard as he shares the core practices introduced in his new book, Accelerating Leadership Development, which reflects his extensive research and years of experience in making leadership development uncomplicated and practical.

Jocelyn Bérard

Jocelyn Bérard is Vice President Leadership and Business Solutions - International at Global Knowledge and an experienced executive with extensive Canadian and international experience in the areas of Human Resources and Business management.
He has worked in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. Jocelyn's clients are from industries as diverse as telecommunications, auto manufacturing, health care, retail, aerospace and banking. His interventions are focusing on Talent Management, especially related to Leadership Development, Succession Management and Selection best practices.


  • What it takes to be an effective leader.
  • Six High Potential Leadership factors: What they are and how you can observe them.
  • Critical steps and actions to accelerate the development of leaders: How to leverage assessment, self-awareness and a "learning while working / working while learning" approach.
  • Practical ways to improve your communication, influence others and create alignment of resources to business strategy.
  • The tactical and the strategic utilization of delegation and feedback.