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Cybersecurity Necessities: A Firewall, Antivirus, and a Well-Trained Workforce

Oct. 03, 2013
57m 7s

You have spent money on software and hardware, implemented best practices, and believe you are secure, right? You may have overlooked the weakest link: your employee. Many breaches occur as a result of an employee mistakenly clicking on a link or visiting a site that allows a virus to be unknowingly downloaded, giving hackers access to your network. Today, a well-trained workforce is a necessity and may even be your most important cybersecurity tool. In this webinar, security expert David Willson will discuss how many breaches have occurred and are occurring, the tools and techniques hackers use to trick employees into clicking on links or opening attachments, and how to prevent such behavior.

David Willson

David Willson, JD, LLM, CISSP, Security+, is the owner and president of Titan Info Security Group, LLC, and a retired Army JAG. While in the Army, he advised the DoD and NSA on computer network ops law, and he was the legal advisor to what is now CYBERCOM. A published author and active speaker, David is a licensed attorney in CO, NY, and CT. He is a VP of his local ISSA chapter and a member of InfraGard.


  • Current state of cybersecurity and who is winning the battle
  • What information needs protecting
  • The biggest mistakes companies are making
  • The industry most attacked and by whom
  • Necessary security tools
  • Performing a business self-assessment
  • Policies you need
  • How to train your workforce