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Change Agility: Mastering Constant Change

Feb. 26, 2015
61m 45s

Change is no longer an isolated event. In the digital world, professional and personal change is constant. It is the new normal. Today's leaders and teams are asked to handle relentless upheavals, while still being expected to deliver on their short-term goals. To succeed, they must toggle between the often-conflicting priorities of today's profits and tomorrow's growth.

Organizational change management has been documented and many approaches exist; the same can be said for personal change. But rarely have organizations holistically thought about how these two drivers of positive change can collectively enable ongoing success.

Join Jocelyn Bérard, Global Knowledge Vice President, International Leadership and Business Solutions, and Phil Buckley, Managing Director at Change with Confidence, for this informative hour-long webinar to learn a powerful and practical framework to help you manage organizational and personal change.

Jocelyn Bérard and Phil Buckley

Jocelyn Bérard is the Vice President of International Leadership and Business Solutions for Global Knowledge Canada. He has worked in leadership and talent management for 25 years with clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. His business unit at Global Knowledge focuses on research and development initiatives with organizations in leadership and talent management. A sought-after speaker, Jocelyn has presented at numerous HR associations and corporate events in, including CSTD, HRPA, CRHA, HRANS and SHRM Global Forum, and he frequently speaks at Global Knowledge Executive Speaker Series events around the world. Under Jocelyn's leadership, Global Knowledge Canada has won eight CSTD awards in the last seven years. An industrial psychologist with an executive MBA, Jocelyn is the author of "Accelerating Leadership Development," published by Wiley in September 2013.

Phil Buckley is a senior change management professional with more than 20 years of experience helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve business goals across global businesses in Canada, the U.S. and the United Kingdom. He has managed 28 large-scale change projects, including co-leading global change for the $19.6 billion Kraft Foods acquisition of Cadbury with a team of 40 change leads across 60 countries. His book "Change with Confidence: Answers to the 50 Biggest Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night" (Jossey-Bass, April, 2013) was awarded "30 Best Business Books of 2013" by Soundview. Phil's work has been featured in Forbes, Businessweek, The Globe and Mail, and many other business publications. He holds a bachelor's degree in commerce from the University of Toronto and a diploma in adult education from St. Francis Xavier University.


  • Develop organizational and personal success requirements prior to major changes.
  • Discover and assess change agility gaps across organizations (processes, systems, culture) and people (knowledge, skills, behaviours).
  • Align the organization and people through the many transitions (phases) that lead to new ways of working.
  • Create the tactics that ensure that the changes embed into the DNA of an organization and its people.