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Top 12 SonicWALL CSSA Exam Prep Tips

Aug. 21, 2013
Ryan Sharpston

studyteam140461643Dell SonicWALL's Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator (CSSA) exam is an open book, online certification exam that certifies your understanding of the SonicOS Unified Threat Management (UTM) operating system.

The exam tests your network security knowledge and your ability to use the GUI menu structure to configure standard network security scenarios.

Following are 12 tips and tricks to help you prepare for the CSSA exam:

  1. Attend the Dell SonicWALL Network Security Basic Administration Training (NS-101) class and take plenty of notes.
  2. Read the Student Courseware Guide and highlight unfamiliar topics.
  3. Go through the Network Security Essentials e-Learning modules on
  4. Take the e-Learning quiz associated with each module. Be sure to review the correct answers.
  5. Use the “take-home” appliance to search for menu-related answers.
  6. Note the Header Bar of each exam question for where to look in the Student Guide for the answers. Some will not be found anywhere in the Student Guide.
  7. Read each question slowly and carefully. Some can be worded a bit tricky.
  8. Watch for multiple answers (square box) and single answers (radio button).
  9. Look for distracters to reduce the choices. Those are answers that are obviously incorrect.
  10. Mark any questions for review that might require more time and research, and move on to answer questions that are less challenging.
  11. Usually your first choice is the best. Don’t think yourself out of the correct answer.
  12. Finally, RELAX and take your time reading and answering the questions. You have 3 tries to get it right!

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