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4 Tips to Select a Course Like a Pro

Feb. 02, 2019
Zane Schweer


Ask yourself these four questions and you'll pick the best course for your needs.


  1. What skills gap are you trying to fill?
    • If areas you’re trying to develop new skills in aren’t mentioned in the course overview, it’s not a good fit.
  2. Are you pursuing a certification?
    • Does the course map to the certification you’re pursuing? Is it a required course or recommended course?
    • How soon are you planning on taking the exam? Are you giving yourself enough time to prepare for the exam after class?
  3. What are the prerequisites?
  4. What are the chances of your schedule changing during that class?
    • Life happens, but to the best of your ability you want to reduce the risk of having to cancel your enrollment. As soon as you enroll in your course, mark your calendar as out of office so people will think you’re out of the office. Even if you’re taking a virtual class, this will help prevent co-workers from double-booking your calendar.